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We Love our Coordinators

Without our Coordinators, Box Tops just wouldn't be the same, successful, education-supporting program it has grown to be. Box Tops Coordinators are cheerleaders, managers, organizers, promoters, and champions! Thank you so much for helping America's schools earn more than $400 million since 1996. We appreciate the hours of work you put into your jobs and we couldn't do it without you!

Be sure to use the tools to the right to promote the program within your school. You'll find parent letters, flyers, goal sheets and more!

Success Story

Arts programs, enrichment assemblies, new equipment for the school classrooms are on the top of the list at Fairfield South Elementary near Cincinnati, OH this year thanks in part of an enthusiastic fundraising push from rookie coordinator Kari Russo! Kari successfully got Box Tops off the ground with some organizational effort – and a lot of supportive volunteers.

“If I had to give a new coordinator a bit of advice, the first thing I’d say is to get a good team,” Kari recommends. “I have great volunteers who take Box Tops home, clip them, count them and bring them back to me. Then I double check and submit them. I don’t have to do all the work, but the work gets done. And, the principal allows me to participate in announcements around collection times – getting on TV so the kids can see MY excitement is helping – they know me now as ‘The Box Tops Lady.’ That’s been a lot of fun and helps me stay focused.”

Kari’s first year with Box Tops was filled with excitement. The original goal she set – $1,500 – more than doubled as her efforts resulted in 33,000 Box Tops clipped and counted in one year. Her other secret … Kari swears by promotions and fun contests that appeal to both the students and the school families.

“Even something small – such as a dodge ball game with the principal or an ice cream party – will incent and excite the kids,” Kari explained. “We recently gave away tickets to a local amusement park, which our families rallied around, bringing in 10,000 Box Tops in a two week period. The winner turned in 862 Box Tops and I asked him how he did it. He said he called his relatives, neighbors and friends and asked them to look in their cupboards for Box Tops. It shows how getting the word out goes beyond the school walls. If your students and families are willing to reach out to their circle of family and friends for help, it just keeps growing.”

Kari wants to utilize Box Tops dollars to help enhance classroom learning. “The local zoo and museums have an interactive curriculum they teach in the schools. We’d love to tap funds to offset some of those costs. We look at distributing our earnings equally among the kids so everyone benefits.”

Initially she was drawn to Box Tops because it offered flexibility, but Kari soon realized the impact she could make in her community. “I signed up because Box Tops was a job I could do on my time with a baby at home. Once I got involved and saw people coming together, it became more than a volunteer effort. Just before our local election day, we had our first submission for Box Tops, which was so exciting. At that same time, our school narrowly passed a levy that was going to mean a lot of cuts. Seeing the money we can bring in is very cool. This is a way to have some dollars on the table to help the school and say, ‘This is for you.’ and no one can take it away.”

Kari and her team at Fairfield South will surely be flying high with more Box Tops wins in the coming school year. “I would say to anyone considering doing this – don’t be afraid. It seems really big; but it really wasn’t. And what we got back for the little bit of work it required just blew me away. And that made me want to try harder – I want to do more now. Box Tops is something that requires a little bit of work, but has a very big payoff!”

Only BTFE registered schools can redeem Box Tops. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to redeeming school. Limit $20,000 per school, per school year for Box Tops redeemed through the Clip Program. See for program details.